Yield10 Bioscience has ownership or licensed rights to a portfolio of crop trait genes having the potential to increase crop or seed yield. The lead yield trait gene C3003 is well-positioned in terms of translation and demonstration in key crops. Yield10 has also identified traits in the C3000 and C4000 series accessible through genome editing that may not be subject to regulation by USDA.


Business Area Current Status

Seed Yield Traits-Regulated

C3003 Camelina 1st and 2nd generation at field testing stage
Canola 1st and 2nd generation at field testing stage
Soybean and rice in development

Seed/Oil Enhancing Traits-Non-Regulated

C3004 Camelina testing underway
C3007 Camelina, canola editing underway
C3008a Camelina non-regulated4 status achieved; at field testing stage
C3008a, C3008b and  C3009 combinations Camelina, editing of all 3 gene targets completed
Additional oil trait combinations Research in progress

Yield Improvement Discovery Platform (“GRAIN”)

C4001 Wheat program underway
Rice transformation underway 
Corn transformation next step 
C4002 Corn transformation next step
C4003 Wheat program underway
Rice transformation underway
Corn transformation next step
C4004 Editing in rice underway
C4004 plus 24 additional crop gene targets Research with rice and wheat next step

1 C3003 consists of an algal gene and will likely be regulated by USDA-APHIS as a biotech trait.

2 These traits are accessible using genome editing or other methods that do not result in the insertion of non-plant DNA. Such approaches have been deemed non-regulated by USDA-APHIS based on recent filings by ourselves and other groups.

3 Traits in this area were developed in our T3 platform and all are potentially deployable through approaches which may be non-regulated by USDA-APHIS.

4 Non-regulated status received from USDA-APHIS. Trait may be regulated by FDA or EPA.