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Yield10 Bioscience to Improve Yield and Drought Tolerance in Wheat

Yield10 recently announced that its wholly owned Canadian subsidiary, Metabolix Oilseeds, Inc., signed a two-year collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada to improve yield and drought tolerance in wheat. The collaboration will focus on new trait discovery in wheat using the Company’s T3 Platform technology. Under the collaboration, Metabolix Oilseeds and Yield10 will provide access to their proprietary C4000 series of traits, which include global regulatory genes, or global transcription factors, that the Company has shown to significantly increase photosynthesis and yield in certain crops. Wheat is a major global staple food crop where significant yield increases could play a major role in feeding the world.
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Lynne H. Brum
VP, Planning and Corporate Communications
Yield10 Bioscience
Tel: 617-682-4693