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Yield10 Bioscience Reports Promising Seed Yield Results for C3004, a Novel Yield Trait Gene 

Yield10 recently announced promising results for its novel yield trait C3004 in growth chamber studies conducted using its Camelina platform. Camelina plant lines containing C3004 grew vigorously, and the best lines produced increases in seed yield in a range of 26% to 65% as compared to control plants. Yield10 plans to conduct field tests of the C3004 trait in Camelina as part of its 2019 Field Test program in Canada. In addition, Yield10 is fast tracking deployment of the C3004 trait into canola and soybean to determine if the trait produces similar effects on plant vigor and seed yield in major oilseed crops.

Camelina plant containing C3004 trait (line OY12) on the right exhibits increased seed yield (52%) and branching as compared to control plant shown on the left.


Source: Yield10 Bioscience

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