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Engineering Methods to Produce PHB in the seeds of Camelina

Yield10 PublicationsWe investigated the use of Camelina as a platform for seed-based production of the polymer PHB. Five genetic constructs containing the PHB genes under the control of different combinations of five seed-specific promoters were evaluated for production of polymer in seed plastids using a novel single T1 seed screening method. One construct pMBXS490, containing a combination of the oleosin and glycinin-1 promoters driving the expression of the PHB transgenes, resulted in production of polymer in T1 seeds at levels of up to 15% of the mature seed weight. This PHB level is almost twofold higher than what has previously been reported in a seed.  Our results show that production of high levels of PHB in Camelina oilseeds is feasible with expression of the basic three gene bacterial PHB biosynthetic pathway.

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Authored by Yield10 Bioscience Staff

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