Yield10 Inovation Platform - Innovative Solutions in High Yield Crops

Technology Overview

Yield10 Bioscience applies its Smart Carbon Grid for Crops and T3 Technology Platforms to the challenging goal of producing step-change improvements in crop yield


Two Major Types of Photosynthesis, C3 and C4

Generally, plants can be categorized into two different groups based on their system of photosynthesis. C3 photosynthesis, known as the simplest type of photosynthesis system, exists in most agricultural crops, such as potato, rice, soybean and wheat. C4 photosynthesis is a more complex system because plants using this system have evolved a distinctive cellular structure, concentrating carbon dioxide for the RUBISCO enzyme through the C4 pathway. Corn, oil palm, and sugarcane are part of the C4 photosynthesis plant family. In general, C4 photosynthesis plants have up to 5 times inherently higher plant yield than C3 photosynthesis plants, and such difference in plant yield comes from evolution, which has led plant scientists to seriously consider the possibility that new genetic enhancements can be created to improve the photosynthetic system in C3 plants. With advanced computational methods as well as the agricultural biotechnology that our PHB-focused crop science program has developed over the years, we are able to observe encouraging early indications of improved photosynthesis performance in plants, which has the potential to lead to novel yield traits to increase plant yield, seed yield, biomass, oil and starch content. 


Technology Approach to Increase Yield

Yield10 Bioscience is devoted to the development of disruptive, proprietary crop science technologies to increase seed yield and crop yield in major crops based on our “Smart Carbon Grid for Crops” and our “T3” transcriptome targeted metabolic engineering platform. We concentrate on technologies that enable us to improve carbon dioxide fixation efficiency in photosynthesis and its direction to and conversion into plant matter. We have already demonstrated early and encouraging results in crop yields improvement of switchgrass biomass and camelina oilseed production. Currently, we are working on the agricultural technology required to improve crop yield per acre in significant row crops and provide new and effective solutions to enhance global food security.


The Smart Carbon Grid for Crops

With the “Smart Carbon Grid for Crops” metabolic engineering platform, Yield10 Bioscience is able to eliminate bottlenecks in plant carbon metabolism by harnessing microbial diversity. The goal is to improve carbon conversion efficiency in crops to increase agricultural yield.


Seed yield

           The “Smart Carbon Grid for Crops”


Yield10 is leveraging over a decade of experience to optimize the flux of carbon in living systems to increase seed yield and crop yield. The “Smart Carbon Grid for Crops” is an advanced metabolic engineering platform that has the potential to improve net carbon fixation from photosynthesis, optimize carbon conversion and to optimize partitioning of fixed carbon to seed or biomass, leading to yield improvement.    


The T3 Platform for Boosting Crop Yield

Yield10 uses advanced transcriptome network analysis in our “T3 Platform” to identify global regulator genes to control complex global regulatory networks and gene cascades and achieve step change improvements in crop yields.


High yield crops

                       The “T3 Platform”


Yield10 Bioscience is increasing carbon fixation and eliminating bottlenecks in plant carbon metabolism through the microbial diversity found in nature, and has developed a metabolic engineering systems approach under the T3 platform in order to increase yield. The T3 platform has the potential to deliver a series of novel yield, stress tolerance and genome editing targets for investigation in significant agricultural crops. With this platform, Yield10 Bioscience is implementing a series of proprietary gene systems to enhance carbon dioxide capture and fixation in C3 and C4 photosynthesis plants for yield improvement.