Sustainable Plastics and Green Packaging

Environmental responsibility is a part of everyday business and consumer life. The increasing focus on healthier living, stainable/green products, natural products and protecting our environment is generating demand for functional products and packaging that reduce the burden our ecosystem. As a result of this positive trend, industry leaders, creative brand owners and savvy retailers are looking to more sustainable alternatives to help support their brand’s environmental profile and corporate sustainability goals.

Metabolix is driven by the ultimate goal of sustainability. We are developing biobased solutions that provide more sustainable alternatives for conventional plastics, chemicals and fuels. Our solutions empower brand owners across the globe to deliver sustainable options that can differentiate products and grow more environmentally friendly reputations.

Performance Biopolymers 

When you choose Metabolix solutions, you align your business with a standard of excellence that is based on a dedication to finding sustainable alternatives that make a global impact. Our solutions, such as our performance biopolymers, deliver inherent waste reduction properties, but also offer more marketability among environmentally conscious consumers.

Sustainable Packaging

Fossil feedstock-based plastics do not biodegrade and congest landfills at record rates. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an estimated 31 million tons of plastic entered the U.S. municipal solid waste stream in 2010. In addition, every year approximately 45,000 tons of plastic waste ends up in the world’s oceans. While the convenience, cost and performance properties of petroleum-based plastic products remain popular among brand owners, today’s consumers are demanding more sustainable alternatives for products such as plastic bags and packaging materials.

Brand owners rely on our biopolymer resins to create plastic alternatives, including products with biobased, biodegradable and compostable properties. Single-use items such as eco-friendly bags, sustainable bags, sustainable plastics as well as bottles and caps, cups, and lids and straws are good examples of Mirel-based products that can make an immediate positive impact on the environment. We work with brand owners to understand the performance and sustainability goals of the products they wish to market and deliver a cost-competitive alternative that can help them differentiate offerings and meet corporate environmental responsibility goals.

Renewable Chemicals

Metabolix is developing C4 and C3 chemicals from more sustainable biobased sources, not the fossil feedstocks that are currently used to produce most industrial chemicals today. By using renewable feedstocks in a patented microbial fermentation process and isolating target chemicals using our proprietary “FAST” recovery process, our technology platform will enable cost-effective production of a range of biobased chemicals as high value replacements for petroleum-based products.